Thursday, December 5, 2013

I LOVE . . .

We've been working on poems that have rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and humour. Today the whole class worked together in buddies on a collaborative Kotuku class poem.  Here's the result.

I LOVE . . .

I love the feel of cool slimy glue,
alpacas, budgies, sloths and shrews.

I love skiing down a slippery slope
and peeing with Mr Antelope.

I love that weird mood where everything’s funny,
when the ice cream is hard and the chocolate is runny.

I love it when Eylish screams at a spider,
And guzzling gallons of sweet berry cider.

I love the roar of a revving-up plane,
a platypus, a teddy, a thundering train.

A flash of lightning in thunderstorms,
crisp, chicken sushi without the prawns.

I love to watch a comedy movie,
a present, a coke and a chocolate smoothie.  

I love to swim in smooth seas when it's sunny,
and slurping down slushies that cost lots of money.      

I love the ponies that eat golden hay,
and I love the traditional, hot Christmas day.

I’d love to see something that looks like a seal,
a onesie, a beaver, a spectacular meal.

I love jumping off Mapua Wharf
on a sunny, hot day with my friend-the dwarf.

I love the sound of drizzling rain
when I’m brushing my horse’s thick, jagged mane.

I love the taste of pan-fried bacon,
and showing my teachers they are mistaken.

I love lawn mowers that cut clean, green lines
and the scent of breathtaking, evergreen pines.

I love the taste of the blue salty sea,
a coke, L & P, and a glass of iced tea.

These are the things that mean lots to us
Writing this poem was not really a fuss.

Marshmallow Challenge

 The Marshmallow challenge is an international team building and technology challenge around the world.
The Marshmallow challenge was created by a guy called Tom Wujec who created it for team building. The task is who can build the tallest structure that can hold one marshmallow on top. You get 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 metre of string, 1 metre of tape and one marshmallow also you have to do it in 18 minutes. The tallest structure is 99 cm and our tallest was 87.5 cm so we were close. Here are some pictures of us doing the Marshmallow challenge.


I hate people over 91,
and people who are really dumb.
people that scream, burp and fart,
that whine, spew and are bad at art.
I hate people!