Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Granny in the Music Store.

The Granny in the Music Store

The granny comes on Monday
she brings her music spirt,
every thing has a rhythm, a beat, a rhyme,
music is in my blood she would sing.
The guitar strums singing its tune,
Harps hum harmonys,
pianos prance around the place 
Maracas shake their bottoms.

By Sarah

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Taste of Watermelon

I can taste the juicy texture of Watermelon as it dives in the gloom of my mouth.
My empty stomach gulps up every drop wanting more.
The feel of a hard seed takes my mouth by surprise.
I grab fiercely at another piece and stuff it in my mouth.
Bit by bit it starts to disappear!.

Making Huts.

  Making huts is fun. there are tones of different types of huts so
 you get to use your imagination. You can make a big castle with tall towers,
 you could make an army trench with holes in the walls for guns, you could make a labyrinth with hidden passages and secret chambers,
 or you could make a regular hut, actually there is no such thing as a regular hut because a regular hut to one person is a grand castle but to someone else it's a box with a hole in the side.
If you want to make a hut for the first time it's easy,
All you have to do is make the floor (if you want one) then make the walls then the roof.
So if you want to make a hut it's simple and easy. 
Thank you for reading 


The Feel Of Riding Horses

The Feel Of Riding Horses

The feel of the wind whipping through your hair as you gallop over a cross country course, sailing over jumps the size of skyscrapers.
The feeling of joy as your four legged friend performs the perfect dressage move.
Feeling like you are on top of the world as you ride under a blanket of clouds, all thoughts sailing away in a chilly winters breeze.
When you are riding nothing else matters just the partnership between horse and rider.
But sometimes its not all fun. Like the feeling of the ground rushing up to meet you, and then the pain washing over every inch of your body.
Those are the feelings that sweep over my body when i'm riding horses.
By Meila

Walking on the Beach Haiku

Soft golden sand
Caves in over my feet
Leaving small dents.

By Lucy