Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stealing Thunder Mary Casanova; Book Review

Stealing Thunder is about a girl called Libby, Her and Griffin (A boy she meets) find out that Libby's Kind Neighbor Jolene Porter Is leaving for a while and her husband is watching the horses until she comes back. Libby has never trusted Mr Porter and also learns to know that Mr porter has been reading the magazines about how to get good insurance money, Apparently is to kill or "Accidentally" Make a mistake or break or kill something....

Libby and Griffin Try to steal Thunderbird (Thunder) and the other three horses with all their might but they fail and Libby Unfortunately fractures two bones in her foot but is still eager to try again so at midnight her and Griff Sneak over to Mr porters house and head to the stable to see the horses again but suddenly the door creaks open and Mr porter comes in, Libby and Griff tiptoe around finding a big enough hiding spot for Libby and Griff to fit in together with Libby's Cast in the way "Thunders stable" Libby whispers. Libby hobbles over to Thunders stable and ducks down onto one leg as Griff appears next to her.

Mr Porter Pulls A match-box out of his pocket, lights a match, throws it towards a hay bale and leaves.....

Will Libby and Griff be able to save three horses in a huge fire with only three legs total?
Read the book to find out, Recommended for Ages 8-13, Boys and Girls.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ella's Haiku's

Snow Falls Silently
Bushes Blanketed By Snow,
I Pull On My Gloves.

The Fire Crackles
The Soft, Furry Cat Purring,
Cuddled Beside Me.

By Ella

Thursday, August 1, 2013


 Tree-Tops Bending Far,
 Birds Are Gliding Gracefully,

In A Mountain Scene.    

Sarah haiku

At Mahana School 
Everyone is friendly 
The scenery is scenic
I belong here

Haiku Leaves

Leaves flow peacefully
flooding the ground layer by layer
with the joy of life.
by Tiarne


Spiky twigs stretch out
pale white snowdrops cast shadows 
the low sun smiles

Cool wind brushes by
peaceful daffodils shining
the low sun smiles

Christopher Davis