Friday, April 19, 2013

My dad cooking on the barbecue

I love to watch my dad cooking meet on the barbecue. My dad likes me to help him with the barbecue. Bringing empty plates in and taking plates out full of good. When my dad ignites the barbecue and spreads the oil on it starts to spit and sizzle and fly on my skin, it stings for a second then the flame dies out and the pain goes away. He then flops the meet on the barbecue with the spatula and the spit and sizzle come back but dies away quickly. Once the meet  is cooked in the middle dad will turn the barbecue off and plate up. "This will be delicious " dad says with a smile on his face. "It smells really good" i say "bet it taste better then it smells" mum said. We all sit down and compliment dad as we eat the delicious meet my dad has cooked. "I wish i could cook as good as you can on the barbecue " i said.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tarnes post

Hi class how is it going. I had my grandads funeral on Tuesday it was really sad. We bought grandad home for two day so we could say our final good bye. The flys are so annoying up here. My uncle and now my anty have got engaged. There are two horses next door and me and my cousin feed them because they are so skinny. i have been doing a hour of home work a day. I helped my cousin milk cows and one pooped all down my backside. also helped feed calf's they got there horns burned off.  Before grandad died he went out for a hunt and caught a 11 pointer stag.  hope it is going well down there.
by Tiarne

Typing Test

Here is another useful website that will improve your touch typing skills. Remember to have good posture and to set your hands up correctly on the HOME KEYS. We will use this website TYPING ONLINE to see if you've done enough for a Mallowpuff.

This week's goal: 40 wpm on home row and top row (Lesson 2 Exercise 6) with at least 90% accuracy.

Get into the habit of lining up on the HOME KEYS every time you type. Practice, practice, practice is the KEY to success! (Haha, pun intended!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skateboard Art

This week we have been doing art inspired by an artist. My artist that inspired me is Mark Rivard. Mark is a skateboard artist who use sharpies on plain skateboard decks and creates awesome looking skateboards. I have made a skateboard deck that I spray painted white and put a red diamond in the centre. Then I came up with a design that I liked and then sharpied it onto the deck. 

Here is his website if you would like to have a look at his artwork:


RIBBET is a photo collage tool that we could try.  Here is an example from our 'Ben Heine' sketches.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I painted this picture at the school holiday program with Helena. We got the ideas from post cards and greeting cards. Using oil paints we mixed them together to create the colours we needed for the landscape.

We made an orange wash to spread over the canvas, then added on the water, sky, sand and mountains. My favourite part on the painting is the grass. To make this grass Helena gave me a brush that looked like a fan. I mixed five different types of green and yellow to make the colour of the grass that is on this picture.

by Eylish

Experimenting Again

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Deep down,
Below your heart,
Below your soul,
For the wall to break,
Numb feeling,
Sinking feeling,
Waiting feeling,
Tilde wave,
Crashing down,
Pounding on the wall,
Trying to get in,
Waiting for the wall to break...

If I were an animal I would be.....

Firstly I would love to be a Horse because they run wild and free and they get lots of love and care. I would live in a big field and have a diet of Barley, Oats, Hay and Grass.

I would also be a Koala living in a wild forest with all other animals for company and I would eat leaves mostly, I know Koala's nap a lot and sleep a lot but I would be a healthy, active Koala!

I wanna be a Dolphin too cause they are always swimming and diving through corals, reefs and showing of their skills in the water and in the air!
I guess I'm a bit of a show off too! :)

My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was when I was Rip Sticking down our school
drive way, I'd seen all my friends and class mates go down it before. But this was
my first time. Just as I started racing down the drive way hill, I planed my way down,
but I soon realized that I couldn't I go any where after I went down the hill. I couldn't carry on down the road, I shouldn't go down the path way because that would ruin it, so my only option was to ride of the drive way and go on the grass. I did try but I failed miserably. What I did was my front wheel
slipped on a piece wood that was lining the drive way, and then I soon realized I was flying through the air! I then smashed onto the ground. Crowds of laughter filled the top field where every one who was waiting for the bus. I felt my face go as red as a tomato. Now that was my most embarrassing moment!

Friday, April 5, 2013

If I could be an animal

If I could be an animal I would be...

I'd be a bird. No bird in particular just any bird that can flutter above the treetops, dipping and diving skywards, living off the berries that decorate the lush green forest. I would be able to nest high, so high I am well above the rest of the animals that rule the forest floor. Soaring far far up, allowing the gentle breeze to ruffle my feathers. Flitting here and there would be magical, a dream come true.

Adding a Photo to a Blogpost

Clicking and dragging photos on to the web does not usually work so...

It's easiest if you save the photo/s you want to upload to the desktop first.

Go to blog, new post.

Then click on the small picture icon in the formatting bar (Insert image).

Choose files.

DoubleClick on the photo you want.

Wait for it to upload, then Add Selected Photo.

When it's in your post, you can click on the photo to choose the size and location.

Remember to add your label (right side of the new post page).


Thursday, April 4, 2013

If I Could be an Animal

If I could be any animal I would be a monkey. I could swing through the trees wind rushing in my fur, chasing my friends playing a game of tag. I could fill myself up on bananas and fruit. I could sleep in the trees high up near the sky, staring at the stars.

 Another animal I would like to be is a dolphin. I could swim to the depths of the ocean and swim along side boats. I could see many different types of fish and coral.

Maybe I could be a giraffe. I would tower above all of the other animals. I could eat the finest leaves that no other animals could eat. I would go on an adventure through Africa. I could also see the world from a birds eye view.
 I would love to be an animal but I don't think I will be turning into one soon.

Where would I like to go...

If I could go anywhere in the world where would I go?
I would love to go to either Madagascar or Antarctica.
I would love to go to Madagascar because... It would be awesome to see all those animals you see in zoos roaming free in there natural habitat and also all the amazing trees and plants. I would love to see a Red Panda, but I am not sure they live there.

I would love to go to Antarctica because...
It would be so cool to travel on a dog sled, and see all the amazing animals and sea creatures that live there.
To travel there I would love to go on a big ship.
It would be awesome if you could snorkel there, and see all of the seals and other amazing creatures that live in the coldest place on earth.
By Meila.



A rhythm from the soul,
a full on beat,
moving to the drums,
the lyrics slipping from my mouth as uncontrollable as the sea.

The build up then the drop,
the bass guitar,
electronic, robotic,
this is the future rock.

A lullaby to a sleepy baby,
a train to dream land,
the soft and warming melody of a mothers song,
the baby will sleep long and peaceful rocking in her arms.

The jungle song,
a tribal dance,
from young to old they sway singing to the song,
firelight illuminating there masks of feathers and wood.

From melody to hard out rock peoples souls are speaking and they all have something to say.

By Sapphira Harrington

Irish Deer

                                                                                     Irish Deer

Herds of the Giant Irish Deer lived in Europe and Ireland during the late Pleistocene until about 10,000 or 11,000 years ago.  It stood six feet high at its shoulders and its broad antlers spanned ten feet they were also could Irish elk, they were herbivore so they ate plants.



I am nothing,

The wind in the trees,
The breath of a stone ,
The current of the tide,
The feel of the sand,
The smell of the smoke,
The breath of a leaf,
The death of a waterfall,
The life of a boulder ,
The spike of a bramble,
The taste of honey suckle,
The buzz of the bees,
The drone of the trees,
The voice of the trees,
The scent of a flower,
The taste of fresh,
The scene of life,

I am everything....

My pet peeve

My pet peeve is when Mum stomps into the lounge when I am trying to watch Top Gear and says, ''Hunter have you emptied the dishwasher yet?" "I usually say no its Lucy's turn to do it but that doesn't work." So what does she do, she turns the TV off right when its getting exciting and yells, ''Hunter do the dishwasher or else you won't be getting your Ipod for the next week." That usually does it for me because I like having my Ipod to play on. After the dishwasher is done it's usually back to the couch for me unless I have to do the chickens!!
By Hunter

What makes a Hero 

A hero is a trust worthy person that does lots of good and helpful things. He usually saves people from destruction and starts it up again. Or he has done something in his life that people love him for , like when you are playing sport and you just get him from scoring a goal. Or you could help someone out with housework or around places and it takes a big weight off their back. So become a Hero!!!!!!!!


By Lawson

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My pet peeves

My pet peeves are that if I am trying to do something, most people just take me off it. For example I was in the middle of one of my favorite books and guess what, I got taken off it. And another thing I had to get taken off was when I was doing something really fun the same thing happened to me. You should hear me out people because you should give your child more time to do more stuff but NOT t.v. other wise you will have a no life child.

                                                                             By Sarah 



Piled high,
wash basket over flowing,
chip packets,
apple core left out to rot.

Floor lost for good,
never to be found,
what is that sticky syrup,
and wheres the air freshener gone?

Old breakfast dishes,
toothbrush in the toilet,
blanket near the window,
to soften his return.

Oh this mess is disgusting ,
that 15 year old boy.

By Sapphira Harrington




The sunlight flitters through the trees leaving warm shapes dancing on my skin.
The damp dirt of the path sticks to my bare feet.
The warmth & dryness surrounds me as I step forth from the forest, into the light of the clearing & the blue, blue lake.
I climb the rock that leans over the lake, & poise on the edge.
I watch as the sun sets, & when the moon light hits the lake, I leap , arching my back, extending my arms like I am flying.

And for a moment I am.

Then I break the surface of the lake,
gliding under the water,
as warm as the air above,
& just as welcoming.


By Sapphira Harrington