Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hannah's Holiday

In the holidays we went to Golden Bay with my Nana and Grandad. In the afternoon we went for a walk up a track made of really amazing trees and unusual rocks. I was an amazing walk!

Kōtuku In My Garden

This gorgeous kōtuku arrived in my garden soon after I joined the Kōtuku class at Mahana School. What an amazing coincidence!I found out that they are VERY RARE and it is even RARE to see them in your back garden.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swimming Practice

A strategy to encourage smooth and steady swimming, try it!

Jonathan's Cartoon.

                                                In the holidays we went to tahuna kart track.
                                                we raced and raced and raced until we had to
                                                go home. I think it felt awesome!
orion's grandma had a birthday  

Pancake Rocks

In the Holidays I went to the Pancake Rocks. They are in Westport, Punikaiki. You walk a short way along the edge of a cliff  (with safety barriers) and then come to the blow holes. The water travels under the ancient rocks through a tunnel worn away by water over century's. when it hits the dead end it explodes out of the rocks in an impressive burst of water come out of the rocks (like an enormous blow hole)  it is really cool to watch and there is a good walk with it.

josh's cartoon

Flying to Wellington

In the holdays I went on a plane to wellington to see my best friend Grace for 3 days and 2 nights. When I arived we got my bag and setted  off to the movies to see the hobiet in 3D. Then we hedded to Graces house.We stayed up to 1.30 in the morning .

Statistics - Census at School Preparation

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tahuna Hydroslide

In the holidays Meila, Zeta, Hannah, Lucy, and I all went to the Tahuna Hydroslide . It was fun but the not such a great thing about it was having to climb the stairs. The stairs feel like they don't ever end but the slide was a highlight. By Tiarne

Camping at Bark Bay

In the holidays we went to Bark Bay in the boat. We left on Saturday and stayed 1 night. We did lots of Swimming and a walk around the back of the bay.
There is a little Island off the main Beach, and Me, Mum, Dad and Zeta swam across to it.
We left late Sunday night.
By Meila

Lucy's Holiday cartoon

We went to Golden Bay in the holidays and saw a tractor caught in the tide. It looked very funny with water all the way up its tyres. Someone must have gone fishing and left their tractor on beach.

My Holiday

At the start of the holidays We camped at my Grandma's Bach for a Week. The Bach is above the Beach, the beach is close to Ngio island- Past Kaiteriteri. Everyday we went for a swim on the beach, after two days I got into the habit of waking up in the tent and going swimming particularly
  early in the morning. If i had to choose my favourite parts of it I would probably say riding on the biscuit behind the boat, watching through the binoculars at dad and my uncle fishing near the island and of course eating the dog fish he had caught that day!

I Loved My Holiday!  
By Ella
in the holidays. I went fishing with my Mum and Dad and dads friend Chris Jack and we got 2 blue cod, 5 rig shark in the long line and 3 snapper and it was really flat and sunny and we have photos of lots of seals

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Quizlet  is a great tool for learning. It enables you to make quizzes for yourself to practice what you are learning. Here is the first one for the year to get us started on learning Te Reo Maori.

Click on 'Choose a Study Mode' to practice and play games.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Welcome to 2013

It is almost time! The desks are in place, although there is a bit of stuff that needs to happen yet to the Piwaka room! This is a little animation that we might try to improve on. Notive anything that needs doing?

Mahana School is back! by Mahana Principal on GoAnimate

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