Friday, December 14, 2012

Wheel Crash

Six people were on the hamster wheel,so I had to go on the end.With that amount of people on board I knew that it would be fast but not that fast.

We started jogging but it soon turned into a sprint.We were all going as fast as we could,my heart was thumping, my legs were pumping!Then I tripped, tumbling all over the place, I managed to snake half of me off the wheel.With all that running power the rest of me whizzed off as well. I thought I had
cracked a few ribs but really I knew that I had only had got a few bruises.

The water hole

The crystal water glimmered in the sun. I dashed over to the water hole. My legs still aching from the bike ride. My toes touched the chilly water. After I stood there glaring at the clear water for a while. Then Lucy calls me to come in. I took one step forward.  A shiver rushes up my body. I trudged over to the other side, my legs turning numb. I clamber up the slippery rocks.

As I stood there I thought to myself, "Should I jump in or not?"

Then Lucy jumped in making a big SPLASH! One after another the class jumped off the rocks.

1, 2, 3...I jump off into the clear water. The water makes my body panic and I quickly shoot up to the surface. My head pops out of the water and I feel like an athlete that has just finished a swimming goal.

mountain biking at pine valley

Camp breakfast

I sat staring at the food half asleep as the breezed past me. I yawned in tiredness I tried to keep warm. Whaea Jane finally called out our table. I wandered up to the food and took some corn flakes. I returned to my seat. the spoon travled to my mouth like a robotic sloth and then I strolled up for a nice hot boiling milo to wake me up.

camp pics on comic life

Camping Wordle

Camp Collage


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

William's Poem

W hispering stream lures my body

I dling through picturesque country

L eaning down the steep corners

L abyrinth of tracks

I nhaling deeply

A zure skies shine down upon my helmet

M agical scenery races past me

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


On Monday we went rafting. We stopped at a river on the way to pine valley where we were camping. We made them out of rope, tarpaulin, rocks, willow, broom and sticks. First we collected a lot of willow and broom. We then stuck sticks in the ground marking our raft a large circle on the outside and a small one in the middle. Then we put the willow and broom in the middle of the circles and tied the broom and willow together. We had a circle out of broom and willow the sides need to be big so that the water didn't flow in. We put big sturdy sticks in the middle to sit on, then we got our tarpaulin and wrapped it around our raft. Then we took it into the river and floated down. Some of ours sunk but only one didn't make it. When we got to the end we took them apart and had a swim in the river. We jumped off the rocks and into the water.


Josie,Hannah,Lucy and Leah enjoying the waterfall.

On Tuesday we went mountain biking we stopped by a swing bridge then got split in two groups. One group at a time we went up a ten minute walk to a waterfall. People sat under the water as it was not strong. I did, it was so cold! The waterfall was falling down over a big sort of cliff that was covered in green wet moss. At the bottom of the waterfall was a clear pool of water. It was really nice to stop for the walk because its definitely worth it. This track is located at pine valley which is in between Picton and Blenheim.Jade