Monday, October 29, 2012


We arrive at Neal Park. Games of Ki-o-rahi were set up every where. I looked round at all the teams some of the teams look fast. We had to sit down and listen to people explaining the rules. We had 2 Teams Mahana 1 and Mahana 2. We all went to the feild that team 1 was playing at. Team 1 had to get tips of team 2 when they where playing. Then the hooter went and it was team 1 turn to play.

By tiarne

Pet day

On friday the 26th of october we had pet day.  You could hear all of the diffrenet animal noises.
There was allot of animals there like pet rocks, chickens, dogs, horses, bunnys, teddy bears and more.
There was also some quiz's . There was some games you could enter your pet in like a agility course and what pet can do the best trick. Everyone who entered in on of the quiz's got a lolly pop. lilly-mae bought her friends and cousin. Pet day was awsome fun.

by Tiarne

Pets Day

Pets Day

On Friday the 26th was Pets Day.
There where dogs, cats, chickens, horses, calves, soft toys and lots more.
Me and Lucy desinged an agility course, it was supposed to be for dogs, but
chickens, horses and soft toys ended up doing it too. The course was made up of two benches for jumps, poi from Ki-O-Rahi to weave in and out of a hula hoop to jump through also a tipping bench, and balls for fetching.
There where lots of Competitions, for the Pets, also Vote for your Favourite Pet.
There was also a Treasure Hunt where you had to find the pets listed on a sheet the people who did that won a lolly pop. Then there was overall best pet the winners won giant chocolate fish.
There was also a sausage sizzle which was yum.
I think Pets Day was awesome this year.

By Meila