Monday, May 28, 2012

A Test Post

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story

Enjoying reading with our buddies!

Frantic Searching

As part of book week events, there was a frantic search for special events from the newspaper. Papers were flying as kids skimmed and scanned for all sorts of items ranging from birth notices, weather reports and political leaders.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Science Clubs

Here is the science group making wind up vehicles. Learning about springs and energy.  Fun.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check out this Amazing Race by Chris, Leah, and Meila.

A movie by Orion and Tiarne

Here is a suspenseful movie by Orion and Tiarne. Don't be too scared!

An Action Movie

Here is a movie made by Lucy, Jed, and Luke late last term. We hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kotuku Hot Air Ballooning

We did it. Welcome to the launch of Kotuku Class' first hot air balloon! Well done Lucy, David, Josie and Jack.

science-hot air balloons

                         science-hot air balloons

  1. Cut 1 square for the top and 4 rectangles for the sides.
  2. Glue the sides to the square in the middle like in photo 1.
  3. put a pillow on your head and carefully place the hot air balloon on the pillow and glue the sides together like in photo 4.
  4. Get 4 straws and glue two straws and and do the same with the other straws and then glue them in a cross.
  5. Get 4 party candles and chop them in half so now you have 8 small candles.
  6. cut a 8cm x 8cm piece of tin foil and melt the candles on to the tin foil.
  7. Then glue the tin foil to the straws and tape the straws to the balloon.
  8. its optional if you want to add string so it doesn't fly away.
  9. then lite the candle and let them heat up and they should fly.                                                                                                

 By Leah and Hunter



The Lacerator Takes Flight

For the past two days, Kotuku class has been trying to build working Hot Air Balloons. Last week's attempt produced some Hindenburg reenactments, but this week, using lighter material and more heat, it will hopefully work. Our balloon has been christened the Lacerator and is made of a combination of tissue paper, straws, tin foil and candles, held together by sellotape and PVA glue. We are about to go outside and attempt to make the Lacerator fly!
To Be Continued...

up,up and away

In kotuku we are making hot air balloons. Our group's balloon is a bit behind in progress but it's good. Today we're launching the balloons and doing last minute maintenance to them. There are 5 groups. My group is Orion, Jed, Meila and me.

 It is science week at Mahana

This week we have been making hot air ballons  we have to take our time  Mr Neal says we have to work fast but carefully .If there is one little hole he says we have to fix it up and fast and then get back on track. it takes about two days to get it done. Mr Neal said when we get it done we can let them go on the 14th of may Mr Neal let is air ballon go and then one second later it had caught on fire  

 By Tiarne

Hot Air Ballooning

In our class we are making hot air balloons with Mr Neal. Yesterday we made the canopy. Today we are melting the candles onto the tin foil and attaching the straws. Yesterday we tested Mr Neal's hot air balloon named "Casper" outside on the tennis court. Casper inflated, lifted off the ground ever so slightly then went up in flames. Mr Neal said it was a step towards success. Today when everyone has completed their balloons we plan to test them outside on the tennis court. 

Mouldy Science

In our class we have been doing science. One of the experiments was seeing if we could speed up the process of mould. We put one slice of toast bread and one slice of sandwich into a sealed packet. Different groups put different liquids onto their bread. One group put honey and butter and others put golden syrup. We put one teaspoon of milk. So far it has been one week and ours was first to go mouldy. We had slow on one side of the wall and fast on the other. We had to decide which side ours would go on. We put ours on the fast side and we were correct.