Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my hunting hat

Finally the day has come to be set free. it slips onto the bouncy pieces of curl that sprung from my head. As it sits there the scrub uses most of its strengh to yank the hat off my head. As we move further into the bush the warmth of the hat pushes the chills away. Finally the early morning cold is over but it still has to stay on the head. Suddenly the blackberry bush swings the hat out of position and dangles it on a spike. luckily I notice and run to its rescue. After the weekend has finished The hat must go back to Its life. Lying in darkness with the smell of a lavender bag slipped in the back of my draw. if I did not have my hunting hat hunting wouldn't be the same.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sloppy spagetti and meat smell filled my nostrils, "yumm" I said, "what a delight!".
I felt disgusted because William {my brother} didn't like his spagetti all stringy so he cut them up, while I munched away on mine.

Friday, March 16, 2012

My old oilskin hat

My hat, my favourite old oilskin hat, With its torn edges and fraying strap, I love it. When I wear it I become my five year old self again, pretending to be a battle hardend soldier, saving random people from the pretend enemy.I feel sorry for my loyal old hat, with it forever waiting for me to return it to my warm comforting head.

My Trackies

My trackies are worn,
but I still wear them often.
They are a second skin to me
They make me feel complete.
I pull them on almost every morning,
until they wait for me at night.
my trackies are me.

Being Four

I wish I was still four, no school and you can wake up late.
you're so cute you don't get told off for anything.
Make a mess and Mum or Dad will tidy it up.
I want to be four again no hard work or chores.

Thursday, March 15, 2012





My Rangers Shirt

My Rangers top is white orange and black. On the front left hand side is 'Rangers' written down like a river of words. Above that it says est 1955 and up from that it reads Rangers R.F.C with a picture of a stags head sitting on the words. On the back it has Rangers in the middle going strait across my back, and above that it says pro rugby with like a monno brow over top of it. My Rangers top sits in my draw amongst lots of my other clothes holding its breth waiting for winter,waiting for me to wear it to one of my rugby games. my rangers top is a shirt of confidence,a guide for when I play rugby.My rugby mate,my shirt.When I put it on i feel like the greatest rugby player in the world ,like i can do anything.I am on top of the world.I can do it i can win.And then a knot of nerves tightens in my tummy ,wondering how i am going to do.
By Leah

My Puffer Jacket

My Puffer Jacket

My puffer jacket supersizes when I let it free.
My Jacket is black with a silver zip.
If you look closely you can see thousands of intricate hexagons.
When I wear it, it's snugly and it protects me from the weather.

It was bought 2 years ago from Mountain Designs.
In the winter I wear it to netball. In the summer it hangs in my wardrobe.
When winter returns and I wear it again, I feel like an eskimo In my Igloo.

I love my Puffer Jacket!

My cap

My cap my black Stihl cap. I got it from the company Stihl. it lives above my bed waiting. when I wear it I represent the company Stihl. It has 6 holes with a dome on the top. When I wear it I feel now and cool. It likes to be worn every day by me.

My Gum Boots

My gum boots are rubber and fabric. They are red and black on the outside.
The inside is the colour of a milky brown cow.
They have no holes and have been used a million times.
My gum boots are Red Bands, the best brand in the world. When I put them on I become Theo Field, a Mahana kid.
A country boy, a happy kid.

My Purple Dress

I love my purple dress it is a long lasting memory of my life. it is purple with roses going along the top of it. now it is eight years old but the last time I wore it I was only two. it lives in my closet amongst many of my other clothes. when I were it it takes me back to the fist wedding I went to I was the flower girl and that was the first time I stepped foot in the dress now that it does not fit me so I keep it up in my closet for a good memory.

My skinny jeans

My skinny jeans are blue and have a shimmering gold fly.With blue thread down the leg.they make me feel fancy and when I'm not wearing them they rest in my drawer just waiting for me to put them the I feel cool and amazing and I wear them when I go out to dinner and on cold days I wear them to skinny jeans are like friends for my legs.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Jeans

My Jeans sit neatly folded in my wardrobe waiting to be worn, crying out.
With holes punched in the knees like someone has shot a hole in them.
They have faded from dark blue to a greyish white.
I have had them for what seems like centuries.
When i wear them i feel free like a lion just set loose
into the wild.

My Jeans

I have Had my jeans for what seems forever. They are ripped and torn with holes in the knees. I don't fit them any more but sometimes i wish i could. I still have them because they bring back good memories from way back in the past. They where dark blue when i was little now they are light greyish blue. I stoor it in the forth draw at the bottem. My Jeans have lotes of friends.

My .P.J.S

My .P.J.S are long and cozy.
My pajama top is long and black with a big owl sitting on a branch.
My pajama pants are a soft blue with white rain clouds that are almost invisible and dark blue ribbons that hang down.
My pajamas are too big for me and worn down to a soft feel when I put them on my skin gos soft and smooths out.
They live on a old cane picnic basket yearning for night to come.
When I put them on I put them on I settle down and wait for the pictures in my head to start and I slowly drift away.
By Sapphira

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Green T.Shirt

My Green T. Shirt

My t. shirt is a collection of holes. It’s green and comfy and breezy. It has a pattern like a faded carving, and a neck hole that’s stretched from 10,000 wearings.
It lives at the bottom of the third drawer, only coming out when it’s warm. It seems to be at odds with its neighbours, smothered by their fullness and cottony weight.
My t. shirt is a relic, a throwback to the past. It comes out when there is no-one to see or meet or be polite with. It mows the lawn, cuts the the hedge, fixes bikes.
When I wear it I am independent, scruffy, my own person. It is a disguise that I enjoy.

Justin Neal

Saturday, March 10, 2012


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