Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waka Ama

We had a waka ama day at school. We went in to kayaks called waka ama.

We paddled in the sea to the shore to see our friends.

We had to walk back over a hill .

A really good paddler came.

It was really fun.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swimming in the current

On Thursday afternoon we just finished rafting a few of us had some cuts and bruises from falling off our rafts over all it was fun. We walked all the way back to grosses point for our last swim in till we got to camp. The current was strong but we didn't care we ran in to the water to wash off all the mud on our feet Lilly-Mae , Kristal, Hannah and Josie saw the opportunity to float down the current and everyone else followed. After about 10 minutes Whaea Jane had had enough so we made the most of our last float. It was a enjoyable afternoon we were ready to go to camp and relax.

Graveyard Spotlight

On Thursday the 10th of February, Kotuku class went to the Upper Moutere church hall for an overnight stay. We played spotlight in the graveyard at night. It was fun, but a little bit spooky.

8am swim

It was Friday morning and we had just woken up from our Thursday night sleep. As Mr Neal came out of his sleeping unit (small office) he explained to the class about how we were going for a morning swim. As we were leaving the hall, a few people were still waking up.After we had departed from the hall, we headed over to the Upper Moutere School pool leaving the sleepy ones behind. Jed was the first one in the pool and the rest of us followed. The cover had been left on the pool overnight so it was surprisingly warm. We all stayed in the water for quite a long time before heading back to the hall for breakfast. Overall we had a great time.


On Thursday Kotuku class went to Grossis Point and built rafts.
We used inner tyre tubes, rope, wooden poles and paddles. We tied the tubes together and then added the wooden poles. We had to use a special knot to tie the tubes together. Then we carried the rafts down to the beach, and hopped in.We started paddling until we got in the current and then we were off. We had to doge some boats. Some people were tacking pictures off us from the wharf as we were floating down. some off us were jumping of the raft and getting back on.
It was really fun.

The rubber tuby

Last Thursday Kotuku went rafting from Grossis Point around the wharf to the leisure park. Our raft was called the rubber tuby. We had to make them out of inner tubes, rope and 3 long branches. While we were still tightening our ropes our rivals the 'Post-mortem' were already launching so we raced down to the boat ramp while the 'Post-mortem' were already in the water. As we slid into the cold water the race was on. When we paddled out into the current we could see our rivals sinking. As we came around the wharf we started to paddle frantically to get into the leisure park to stop as from getting swept out to sea.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

night games

In the night in the grave yard we were playing spot light we started at the fence and then
we sneaked of into the night and hide and when the spotters came to get us we had to drop
to the ground so they wouldn't find us the first people in were Tiarne, Hunter and Lucy we . had to spot people before they get back to base the base was the hall that we where we were staying
personally I think the spotters were cheating because they were shining the light in the two places
that we could get out from! it was sort of annoying but in the end we got to base so it was awesome.
night. we had to hide behind Graves the spotters couldn't find us it was so so so cool

The Holy Place's and the Creepy Bell.

When we entered the church we were stunned by the amazing carving on the wall.It told a story of when the first pioneers came to UMO and built the church which burnt down around a century ago. Then they built the church we currently have.

Then we entered the room of prayer, there was an organ and a piano. Christians believe that Jesus knew that they were going to kill him, so he got all his followers and gave all his followers bread and wine and told them that the wine resembled his blood and the bread his flesh and that when ever they eat wine and bread to remember him so when in church they hand out small glasses of grape juice or wine and bread we can remember him.

Then we went back out to the room with the carving there was a secret set of dark creepy stairs once you were up the stairs you would be in a storage room with a old wooden ladder leading to the bell tower there was a set of earmuffs and a rope you would pull to make the bell ring.Whaea Jane showed us the wooden hammer that they use to ring the bell when someone dyes. The rope would lift you up a little bit.
Then we went back to the hall to play some games!!!!!!!

Grave yard games

It was pitch black in the grave yard .
Everyone in kotuku was armed with their torches. The whole class wandered through the maze of grave stones, then we sat down. Whaea Jane didn't let us turn our torches on so we all sat there in the dark. We were going to play spotlight. The first person to get back to the hall won .

For the second round Lucy, Hunter and Tiarne were in. We all hid behind a bush with our torches ready to shine on people. Lots of people got shined on with the torches. The whole class had lots fun in the dark Grave yard. Then we played a game called sardines. You choose a person to run away and hide then Tom was in first for sardines, and he hid amongst a hedge of trees . Everyone found Tom ,Sapphira was the last one to find Tom.

Jed was in next. He hid in a ditch by the road, Lilly-Mae started laughing and the last people found us . The reason why we started playing sardines was because the neighbours shouted out " Oi " because we were too loud .

We all had lots of Fun on camp.
Lucy Sky

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Using Google Powerpoint

Google Powerpoint is a fantastic tool that allows us to work collaboratively on a joint project. First, we drafted our ideas into the powerpoint. Then we proofread and edited our work based on some 'Success Criteria' we devised together. Here is our first presentation for 2012.