Monday, October 31, 2011

Shootin' Hoops

Here is a video of William Davis shooting a hoop out of our Oak tree.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sewing, pjs 2

sorry its taken so long to blog about my pjs again but i just never got around to it.
I finished my pjs about 2months ago ( lol)
they are really comfy!! It didn't take long after my last post.
I just to sew it together and atache the ribbon.
Unfortunatly the pants shrunk in the wash but i'll just turn them into 3/4 s or shorts.
Here are the photos from both times.

Around the world day.

On Friday
we had an around the world day.
Were we had to dress up in a country of choice ( but from the world cup of course!!) and dress up in either their colours, costume, or both!
We had kids from all sorts of places but what the most popular place was??
I was Samoa an i wore a sarong with a flower necklace.
P.s i only found out about it the day before note the lame costumes!

It was really cool because we got into our buddies then joined with another pair then we had to make a wearable arts piece in 20Min's with anything we liked, but it had to represent a country ( from the world cup )
My group couldn't decide on the country in the end we did France.
In about the last 10 Min's our group made a beret type thing out of cardboard with an Eiffel tower on top tied around the chin with red fabric/ribbon stuff.
i know that sounds bad but it wasn't actually so bad if you looked at it from far away.

sorry i don't have any photos!

R.I.P Sherbet

On Wednesday
Unfortunately my rabbit Sherbet died.
He was really sick though so it was kind of best.
Sherbet had a massive lump on the side of his face were his teeth were growing inwards apparently this is prone to his type of breed ( cashmere mini-lop )
He wasn't eating because of it.
We could have had an operation( very expensive )
but there was little chance of survival anyway because of the anesthetic.
so we chose to leave it an give antibiotics instead, but the didn't work to well.

I miss him heaps i just wish we could have gave him a better life!
R.I.P Sherbet.

P.s the photo is of sleeping on our couch!

Spca cupcake day

In August Safari and I made cupcakes for the Spca cupcake day.
After school Safari came to my house and we made some chocolate cupcakes with caramallow in the middle. It took us all afternoon to make and ice 26 cupcakes.
We made a BIG BIG mess!!
Some of the cupcakes looked liked people or animals, they were really cool.
The next day we sold them at school for $2 each.
It was really good cause we sold them all which gave us a total of $52 fundrasied for the Spca.
If your thinking about doing this next year have a go its great fun do in a group, pair or by yourself.