Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bone Tiki map

I have been trying out Scribble Maps where you can put on markers and write comments. I have mapped the journey that the characters took in The Bone Tiki. Click on Scribble Maps, pan out if you have to till you see some of the markers I've put in. Their journey begins close to Napier.

My First week at Mahana School

I am new to Mahana School and so far I'm enjoying it a lot. The maths tests we have every week have helped me improve in solving subtraction problems quickly, and I have already made a few friends. Writing descriptions of things we like every day has been a lot of fun, and I have even managed to type two up on the computer!

Breaktimes are never boring, since there are unicycles we can use and I am learning to ride them. I am also enjoying PE; we are currently working on Rippa Rugby, which is great fun and very tiring! All the teachers are friendly and cheery, and nobody makes a fuss when you get something wrong.

So far, I haven't seen any bullying or unkind behaviour in the playground, which has pleased me. There are no bullies at Mahana School! All the children are friendly and kind and nobody gets left out of games when they want to join in.

None of the lessons are at all stressful; I can ask for help if I need it. It is always clear who is doing what, and who is in which maths group, and whether it's the Year 5s or 6s, 7s and 8s who are going outside to play Rippa Rugby, etc.

The only bad thing is all the fights over unicycles at breaktime; there are only four to share out between the whole school! This is not always fair, since some people "cheat" to get the unicycles (sitting on them while eating lunch, hiding them at the end of break so they can use it next break etc.), but some people bring theirs in which lowers the demand for them.

Overall, I am enjoying Mahana School a lot so far and I am definitely staying here for the rest of my time in New Zealand.

Friday, April 8, 2011

TDC Ceremony

On Thursday two weeks ago most of Kotuku class went to the TDC in Richmond to go to the NewZealand citizenship ceremony. First everyone sang the National anthem. They gave out the certificates. Mahana sung Kua Rongo. After that everyone got together and had morning tea. Mahana School got given two kowhai trees to take back to school and plant.

Maggi Mahem!

On Tuesday, Safari, Harriet, Izzie, and Josie went to Safari's house to cook our meal we have decided to make.We cooked a smoked salmon and spinach roulade and some noodle nests with roast veggies in them.
We have sent the application away and waiting to here back.
Here are some photos of what we made!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Canada's Wonderland!

                                               Canada's Wonderland!

     Canada's Wonderland has so many rollercoasters!                        

Most of them are very scary and nerve racking. They are like that because on a lot of them they are either spinning very fast or, up side down. The really fun ones are the water rides. Canada's Wonderland has one of the scariest and biggest roller coasters in the world. I can't believe how many roller coasters there are at Canada's Wonderland!

      Canada's Wonderland is so much fun because... there are really good treats, it's fun to go with your friend and the roller coasters aren't just scary there really fun aswell! The roller coasters are really fun because they go up side down, they twirl and twist they also rock from side to side. The treats are really good because there very sweet and on a hot day at Canada's Wonderland you would probably want ice cream! It's fun to go with your friend because it is funny to listen to your friend scream on the scarier rides.
     The water rides are so much fun because you get completely soaked! It's amazing how wet you can get from just one of the water rides. The ride that you get the wettest on is called "The Drop"! On the drop you go up a huge hill on a tread mill then you just drop down a huge hill into heaps of water!

        At Canada's Wonderland there are usally 900-1000 people there per day (maybe even more than that). I can't believe how many people go there espically since it is quite expensive! That is why I think Canada's Wonderland is so cool and wicked!