Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreath Making

Today, some of us made wreaths to use as centrepieces for our Christmas celebrations. Izzie bought lots of stuff for us to use as she had been to a workshop about it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

51 things to do this summer

1:Swimming in the pool
3:Read a book
4:Invite a friend around.
5:Go for a boat ride
6:Go for a bike ride
7:Picnic with friends
8:Play with lego
9:Stuff your face with food
11:Jump off a wharf
12:Go for a walk
14:Play in a sprinkler
15:Go to a playground
16:Listen to music
17:Make Christmas decorations
19:Waterfight with friends
20:Climb a tree
21:Make a hut
22:Put up Christmas tree
24:Have a nana nap
25:Learn a musical instrument
26:Play with pets
27:Invent something
28:Go down the creek
29:Slide down a bank
30:Go fishing
31:Go Eeling
32:Do parkour
33:Go to the skate park
34:Make a stink bomb
35:Play Soccer
36:Play Beach cricket
37:Play a Board game
39:Play Palago
41:Dress up
42:Pull prank calls
43:Dress up as an old guy and buy a big wednesday ticket
44:Bike down to the dairy and get an ice cream
45:Make a marble track
46:Make an appreciation card
47:Make a poi
48:Earn money
49:Do art
51:Write a story

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Raft Building

Today, we designed and built rafts that need to transport a 'passenger' across the width of the pool. Using techniques and ideas from our technology learning, we got stuck into it. The rafts need to be less than 1m square and need to be powered without being pushed. Tomorrow we will have a race off with our designs.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Self propelled cars

We have recently been doing tech and one challenge was to build a self propelled miniature go cart. there were lots of good designs and we all had fun.

Christmas Decorations.

On December 3rd we made Christmas Decorations. It was fun!

cory the penguin visits mahana school

We were all surprised when we saw out the window this penguin called Cory. It was really someone dressed up, though it was the aquatic centers lucky mascot so we didn't make fun of him.One of Cory's friends came aswell. (to translate him)Because he spoke penguin.When he was walking away he started doing the(CHACHA)and the (SHAKE YOUR BOOTY).

Cricket fun day.

On Wednesday at the Upper Moutere Hills community centre the Nelson cricket association organized a cricket fun day for year 5,6 kids. Most of the small Schools came to play and had two teams to represent their Schools.Each game ran for a an hour and a half at the maximum.Both of the Mahana School groups won a game and got back to school with a story to tell.

We Will Remember Them

I'm sure you will know about the Pike River mining disaster. Well, our school choose to do something, so we sent them down 29 tissue flowers which we made. The flowers were very colourful. We put them in a black box and glued their names on it. Mr Neal took it to Hampden Street school because a teacher was going down to the ceremony. We hope all the families are OK.

Kite making

On Wednsday and Thursday we had a task to make kites out of newspaper and bamboo. The first thing we did was watch a you tube clip on how to make the kites,then we cut the bamboo to make the body shape.After awhile we were on our way to succuss the next day we were putting the tails on our kites and did the last touch ups.Later that day they were flying high in the sky.The End

Five frame imovies

On Wednesday this week our class had to make a five frame story on imovie.We had to take five photos and put them together as a story on imovie.
The stories had to have a moral.
these are some of our finished stories!