Monday, November 29, 2010

Capital E

We went to Capital E. I liked being senior sound. It was fun.

Thursday Night Feast

On Monday 15 November, Mahana Seniors went to Wellington. On the Thursday night, we got to go to a food court and pick what we wanted to eat for tea. We got $10 dollars to spend. Some got Asian, Mc Donalds, or Indian. Then if we had money left we got dessert as well! It was a great evening!

capital E

My favorite thing in wellington that we did was capital E. It was cool seeing how movies are really made.It Didn't turn out that great in the end but we did well since we only had one practice.

Friday, November 26, 2010

the zoo

On monday we stayed the night at the awesome wellington zoo. Just after we had tea one of the zoo keepers took us for a night tour and we got to feed the hungry giraffes they were real greedy.

Mahana Goes Wild!

These photos are of some of my favorite parts of our Wellington camp. We went to the zoo, and saw many weird and wonderful creatures... baboons(much enjoyed by the class) chimpanzees, giraffes,tigers,lions,sun bears, ostriches, otters and so much more! Then we stayed the night at the zoo, sharing our room with a hedgehog, two blind rats, and two lizards. After a very exiting and packed week, we busked on the way home on the ferry, and made $40! We brought an ice-block each from our profits. Thank-you so much Whaea Jane and Mr.Neal and everyone else who made this cool camp happen!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Thursday we went to Somes Island and sore this Tuatara and lots of other animals.
This is Big Mac the Tuatara.He is called that because he lives under a big macracaper tree on Somes Island.
my faviret part of camp was laser force we had to get into two teams
we each got a laser gun and a suit. I was on the green team we lost
every time because the other team had most of the adolets I had lots
of fun at laser force and I hope I will go there again.

Giraffes at the zoo

On wellington camp we got to stay a night at the zoo. plus we got a night time and morning tour.
We feed the giraffes and saw the chimpanzees aparently they are 10 times stronger than humans without even trying and when they are angry they are 20 times stronger.
The photo above is of one of the Giraffes going into her sleeping enclosure to get fed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busking on the ferry

On the ferry we went busking we had to sing some crazy songs. we busked for about 10 minutes and then stopped...we made $15.40 cents.on the way back we made 31.00
in total we made 46.40 cents.


The Wellington Camp was a great experience heaps of things were happening like: Te Papa, Capital E, Matiu/Somes Island, H2Oextreme, Laser Force, YHA, Trains, Busking and the Zoo.
I reckon its cool we can fund-raise that much money to go on a camp like that. Thank you for all the parents who helped fund-raise and thanks for reading.

Krystal's Wellington Wordle.

Here are some of my Wellington words.

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Hannah's Wellington Wordle

 Hi, look at my cool wordle!

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We went to wellington.

As you no the senior room went to wellington. It was the best camp I've ever Been on!! It was awsome.

The Robin Hood Pantomine

On Friday night the teachers surprised us by secretly buying tickets to Roger Hall's Robin Hood the Pantomime. It was very funny. I recommend it if your in wellington!
In this picture they called the children to the stage to become the crowd for their joust!

"A pantomime for one for all It,'s Robin Hood by Roger Hall"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look at that concentration! This is Nathaniel at Capital E on Wednesday the 17th. His job was,as you can see, camera operator.
We had a fantabulous time at Capital E. I was director and, I'm telling it is a very, very stressful job!!! However I did get to boss people around a bit.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Philips Camp photos

Hi everybody,I would like to say that I'm now feeling the after effects on going to a five day camp, but I have been able to sit at the computer and put some photos on the Blog.

Really I'm not that tired,but I bet Whaea Jane is!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday in Wellywood

Shopping, rollerblading, Te Papa visiting were all on the programme for today. A quick run to the wharf and we were off to Matiu/Somes Island. Spied Big Mac the tuatara which was choice as well as the tree wetas - freaky! Back to the mainland, more shopping, then in to the food court for a big spend-up on dinner. A quick toilet stop on the way home was entertaining - "Ah Vienna!"
Banana splits man!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wellington Wednesday

Today we made a tv programme. Check out to see our movie. We were amazing! The train ride was cool, so was the pool, and the company coming home was memorable. We're having a great time, even though we're pretty tired.

Sean First Up, Where are the Others?

Sean is raring to go, why are the others sleeping in? Come on!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wellington Trip!

Hi Folks
We are all having a great time here. The zoo was fun, baboons are very disgusting, but the babies are cute. Chimps are very energetic. Parliament was pretty cool, then Te Papa and the Colossal Squid. Laser Strike was very energetic. Tomorrow we go to Capital E and then H2O. We are all pretty tired, but everyone is going very well. See you soon.