Friday, July 30, 2010

woolaston talk

On Friday Scott Ingram from woollaston estate came and talked
to our school about his job.
it very interesting i never knew that woollaston estate sold wine in so many places!!
He talked to us about costs of making wine and how much
it sells for!
wine is very expenceive!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why hannah.T likes Reading!

I really like reading because,

When i am angry i just read a little and it takes me into another world and somehow
or other it calms me down.

I also like reading because,

every time i read a book it improoves my literacy and if it is a non fiction book
I learn about what happened in their lives.

I like the my story's like anne frank or other childeren or teens who kept a diary
in wars or bad times

that is why i like reading !!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Felting with Claudi and Tanita

Soft, beautifully coloured wool became felt creations when Claudi and Tanita came in to share their felting skills with us recently. Claudi went through the whole process:
Lay out your background colour on a piece of netting. Make the wool go one way, then the other...

Then lay out your pattern / design on top of that using coloured wool. Keep it wispy and not too fat so that it will felt really well.

Lay the netting over the top and gently wet down the design with warm soapy water. Now, the therapy part. Massaging with circular motions, hands immersed in suds. Hmmm. Lovely! Then, carefully peel the netting back, and roll the felted piece around a stick, and roll, roll, roll.

Hey presto. Fantastically felted masterpieces. All really different, and all really cool. Check out the animoto presentation to see some of them...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Post (:

It's Georgia.
I just wanted to make a quick blog , and to say that my holiday is coming to the end. I will be back at school on Monday.
I hope I haven't bored you with all my posts. I didn't really know whether to do it or not.
I have had a great time, and I hope you all enjoyed your holidays too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animating with Jack

Today Jack showed us a website he used at the BubbleDome programme in the holidays. It's called 'goanimate' and we had a go at finding out the features and what it can do. We love working on the computers. Animations are fun to make, so we are going to try and make some quality ones in the future. We look forward to sharing some with you.

Unicycle Images and Video

Getting some use out of the unicycles.

We went to Mahana school to interview some people
about the unicycles!!

Interviewer~ so how long did it take you to get as good as you are now?

Hannah.T~ not long ,about a month.

interviewer~ so do you have any tips for other riders?

Taylor.P~ yep,to start off maybe hold on to a fence or pole to get your balance
and getting used to the feeling if you have not ridden before.

Hannah.T~ another tip from me after you have been holding on to the fence
it is also good to try just pushing of with your own steam!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Georgia's Holiday!

Hello! This might be the last blog post I will do in a while, because I am taking up the whole page.
Still in Cambodia,but we are now in a place Phnom Pen. We had to go on a 6 hour bus ride to get here, and the driver tooted at everything. We had a 20 min lunch break, and Mum, Emily, Alice and I all had a tarantula leg! It actually was really yummy. It tasted like chicken fried in soy sauce. If you ever have the chance, try it!
Over here, they have wet and dry seasons. At the moment, it is the wet season, and it rains every afternoon.It rains soooooo hard, with thunder and fork lightning! It is really scary.
Have you ever heard of Pol Pot? Like Hitler, he wanted to make a pure race. He killed all the educated people like doctors. Then, he killed their families so they wouldn't be wanting revenge. We went to one of the killing fields today. It was pretty yucky. I will tell you more at school.
I am enjoying it here, but I am missing sunny, dry Nelson,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Georgia's Holiday!

Hi. I have so much to say!!!!!
We are now in Cambodia. I love it here!!!!!! People are so nice.
We had to cross the border from Thailand into Cambodia to get here, and man it was scarey! It is said that that is the worst place in all of south east asia, and we went right through it. Pickpockets are really common, and fake beggers who will steal everything you have. We made it though, safely.
We have tried many more exotic things, Tuk-Tuk rides( a moter bike with a trailer on the back,) fish spas, where they nibble off the dead skin on your feet, and many more which I will tell you about at home!
We visited a orphanage today, and it was really cool. They weren't actually that sad, they were happy that we were giving them food, and school stuff.
Sorry that I haven't got any photos, just the plaugs over here are really weird!
See you in NZ,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Georgia's Holiday!

Hello again!
We left Hong Kong last night, and now we are in Bang Kok, Thailand. Getting a taxi from the airport to our hotel was difficult. As we are foreigners (and we don't know our way around) it is really easy for us to fall into a trap. Its very scary not having someone to show us around, as we did in Hong Kong.
The hotel is nice. Buffet for breakfast, $5 nz for internet hire, and good air conditioning!
$5 nz is equal to 500 baht in Thailand. To convert Baht into kiwi dollars you divide it by 20. More maths, even in the holidays! I am really starting to appreciate Nelson. Over here, you can't see blue sky nor many stars. Parents always say this, but we are lucky to live where we live. Having a great time and would love to hear how your holidays are going in the comments.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Georgia's Holiday!

Hello Mahana! I'm enjoying my holiday in Hong Kong lots! I don't have any pictures to post yet, but please bear with my decriptions!
The buldings are massive! Way taller than the Sky Tower! Every night at 8.00 pm, they light them up with flashing lights and lasers, this is called the light show.
It is 8.20 am at the moment, and the time differnce beetween N.Z and Hong Kong has confused me heaps. The heat made me think it was late in the afternoon, but really in was 7.00 in he morning! And coming from a place where it gets really dark at 6.00, to a place where it is still light at 6.00, is very weird.
It is sweltering hot over here, love to hear how the weather is for you guys.
More Markets today, Ocean park tomorrow and I hope you guys are enjoyng your holidays as well.
Miss you guys so much!