Thursday, May 20, 2010

taylor and safaris strawberry

this is a strawberry taylor and i found in the school garden! it is about 6cm long and 5 cm wide!!!!!!!!wow!!!!

Jigsaw puzzle

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In the Senior Room we made a Jigsaw of picture books and presented them with water colour , paint, and pencil to get the best possible out come.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Safari's First Time on a Unicycle!

I had a great time on the unicycle but it was quite hard to stay on!
Next time I am going to try to go with out any hands for a while.

Pako Unicycle

Our school has just brought some new unicycles and we are keeping a log of our progress

Miki's Unicycle Adventure

Me on the unicycle for the first time.
It was very hard to balance on it !


hannah.t on a jurney to perth!

Hi, I went to perth (in aussie) 22nd of april with my dad to see my cousins and family for three weeks.I got heaps of time off school which was really good!My cousins Lina and Saki were quite annoying,following me around all the time and copying me, like if i wore a dress Lina would wear one too,REALLY annoying.Lucy my smallest cousin who was two years old was really cool and cute though.

When I came back to new zealand it was freezing because in perth it sometimes got up to 30 degrees but back in new zealand it's only 15 to 20 at the hottest in the autumn.