Monday, November 23, 2009

Special Mentions from Monday.

Miki - you used your ideas well in writing today.
Harriet - you really 'got it' during art.
Hannah F - fantastic images in your writing.
Liam - you got some good work done today.
Rebecca - you wrote well today.
Flora - you took pride in your work, well done.
Kaitlyn and Flora - wow, you got that maths game organised well.
Josh - you really settled to your work.
Philip - you are always so dependable.
Remus - it's great to see you writing with enthusiasm.
Georgia - I like it when you make the right choice.
Pako - you finished your work!
Luke - great, enthusiastic writing.
Briar - you are so mature and you take ideas and make things happen.
James - you can be counted on to get it done.
Maddy - it's good to see that you listened to instructions during art today.

Well done chaps!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Special Mentions from Thursday.

Well done to...

Pako - you are so focused!
Flora - you get to work so quickly!
Kaitlyn - you want to get on with your work!
Indigo - for realising that it's time to get working!
James - mentioned in class three times!, you take care of how your work looks.
Liam - trying something different and getting on with it!
Keegan - wanting to finish work, and trying hard!
Jack - for taking pride in your work!
Taylor - for having an idea and getting on with it!
Rebecca - for being focused and sensible!
Josh - for being helpful when you pack up!

Well done chaps.

Friday, November 6, 2009


How many schools were there? I have no idea. But it was so fun peforming infront of those hundreds of people. On Wednesday, our kapahaka group went and peformed at the kapahaka fun day. We sang 6 really fun songs.

Our outfits were cool, the girls had a short black dress with a green koru on the side. The boys had a long black sash with a green stripe on it. It must have been really effective. We were told to wear green stone necklaces, or bone carving necklaces.

All through the day, Whaea Tania asked Maori quiz questions, and taught us new phrases like "rare rakau" which means "lollipop"

It was really cool peforming for other schools, as well as seeing their pefromances, learning heaps and coming together as one.