Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow!! Look at that veiw. This was on the first Tuesday and Wednesdayof the holidays, when my family (Rowan Dad my cousins, Auntie and Uncle) and I went on a sailing trip round the Able Tasman. We were going to stay for two nights but the weather was too rough when Mum gave us a weather update over the phone (she wasn't there because she had to work.) The cutter is the big one on the left and the rescue boat is the miniscule one on the right. It was awesome because we saw eels and fish in the little lago
bit at the back of the campsite, and when we were on the boat we could stand on the side and hold on to the ropes while we leaned out ARRR me hearty's(we looked like pirates.)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I spent some time in Wellington catching up with my 'baby', aka 'number one', aka Jared. We did lots of wandering around, shopping, chatting and ogling at the Colossal Squid at Te Papa. Certainly wouldn't want to come across one of those in the ocean!
I had my first ever experience at Starbucks - check out the size of that hot chocolate - yummmmmmmmmy!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Sports Tourney

Flying frisbees, wayward volleyballs and sizzling softball hits were the order of the day at the Motueka Summer Sports. In spite of the snow on the mountains bringing a super cold snap, the day turned out to be gorgeously sunny, and a lot of fun was had at this event for Year 7 and 8s.