Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mahana school has a new wall soon it will have butterflys on it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Class Comments from Mr Neal

These comments are feedback from Friday. Our goal was to have a positive day, and these things helped to make it positive.

Josh - getting on with his work quickly.
Flora - what a great friend.
Indigo - always ready on time.
Kaitlyn - she uses her imagination to well when completing her work.
Safari - she's always able to go from one thing to another without a fuss and she always listens to instructions.
Miki - she pays attention during changeovers and organised her group so well.
Chantal - really gets into her work with enthusiasm.
Briar - she has a great attitude towards the environment.
Hannah B - uses great drawing to represent a story, and what a great listener.
Harriet - what a positive attitude.
Luke - keeping focussed during distacting times.
Liam - using manners after lunch time swim.
Georgia - what lovely manners!
Philip - always so positive!
Jack - trying hard and starting work so well.
Remus - being attentive and listening.
Rebecca - stopping and looking at the right time in class.
Pako - using common sense when finding out about flippa ball.
Hannah F - being a great worker with skills in drawing.
James - what awesome cartoon skills.
Keegan - listening to instructions without being reminded after lunch.
Crissie - what a responsible and sensible person and key monitor.

Well done class.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Flying Kiore at Whenua Iti

We all had to run down a big hill and pulled the dirty rat up in the air.


We raced past heaps of grave stones on our way to the other end of the grave yard. As we found Hannah behind a group of trees we dived in to hide with her.We were the only two kids that had found Hannah so far. As we were watching people rushing in to the trees to hide with us and stay unseen. The group got bigger and BIGGER when we were playing Sardines.

Whenua Iti Fun

We had a great time, except the snoring.