Thursday, November 27, 2008

Split Apple Rock

On Friday we went to Split Apple Rock. We dammed up a small stream. It was really fun. We made about four walls to try and save the Lyttleton family (which were sticks) and their house was a big clump of sand. The amount of water that burst out was huge. We went to the caves onthe other side of the beach. On the way we saw a half dead baracuta stuck under a rock but it wouldn't live long because a hungry looking seagull landed right next to it.
As we left Ancorage, thinking that it would be a hour and a half walk, it ended up being a half an hour walk as we skipped the hill and walked across the Torrant Bay estery. We finilly arivied at Torrant bay as we waited for the water taxi to pick us up. As we hoped on the water taxi we bonced up and down as we came to a sudden hult to find four little blue penguins swimming in the water, looking for food. Then we made it to Marahau.

Art gallery

At camp, we had a activity day, which was wicked!
One of the activity's was biking down the road to the art gallery!!!
My favorite sculpture was maui fishing up the north island!!
I'm sure lots of people liked that art gallery.

Beach walk

We arived at Marahau eager to look around and that night we set of on a beatiful beach walk.

The Great almighty walk!

We enjoyed ourselves loads on camp and the great almighty walk made it shine even more. We went on a long, long, long bridge over the estuary, and trudged through the beautiful native bush. Stopping at a nice clearing along the way for lunchwas a relief! Mmm, mmm, our lunches were deliciosly nice and enjoying it left us in a good mood for the rest of the walk.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

walk to anochorage

On Tuesday the 18th of november the mahana seniors went on a five hour walk to Anchorage from marahau.
i really liked looking a the sea when i was walking.

from rebecca and crissie

The bumpy bike ride

It was a bumpy ride down the hill for the seniors room kids on camp. A crash from the teacher, a nut lost from a bike, a wild sheep trying to run into us as well as sore legs and itchy arms.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The bunnies jumped out of the recycling bin, HOW WEIRD! Then hopped all over the classroom. One left a surprise on the floor I wonder what the teacher was thinking!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Gala

  • The Mahana Seniors were very busy on the 18th of October when they were running every where trying to get stalls working for the Mahana School Gala. Although they were busy, together it was a heap of fun. The stalls we had were: Fishing game, Horizontal bungie, Water baloon throw, Slushie's, Pony Rides and Talent Quest. The weather was definitely on our side as the sun was blazing beautifully. We made $16,000 in the end,Wow! I enjoyed myself loads and the singing and dancing was great.